Marty WolffMarty Wolff formed the PosiDyne Group in 1998 as a consulting and training firm specializing in helping sales people and their organizations rapidly improve revenue results through the use of a communications model that allows prospects to discover that it is in their best interest to buy instead of being “sold”.  As such, the PosiDyne Process™ is positioned as an affordable alternative to traditional or franchise-based selling models. Many of the PosiDyne Group’s clients had previously graduated from others selling systems. They report that they are getting better results, faster, easier, at a fraction of the invest in time and money--all with an industry exclusive money-back guarantee. They confirm that the PosiDyne Process™  is truly “Selling Made Simple”.

Mr. Wolff has over thirty-eight years’ progressive education, marketing, sales and management experience in human fulfillment and organizational development. At various times he has been responsible for sales of both tangible multimillion dollar "big ticket" items and intangible services to virtually every NAICS code, achieving great sales consistency with divergent corporate cultures marketing into diverse geographic locations.

Specializing in startup, dysfunctional and "turnaround" situations, Marty has balanced Fortune 500 corporate experience with operating a $5M manufacturing concern dealing in the international arena. In the last two years, he has consulted with over 150 entrepreneurial organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Mr. Wolff is conversant in financial matters, having been licensed with the New York and American Stock exchanges, the National Association of Securities Dealers and the Chicago Board of Options. He was the President of Tait Electronics and National Sales Manager for divisions of North American Phillips and Kenwood. An international marketing strategist, he has made board level presentations on four continents and eight countries to such companies as GE, Haworth, Motorola, North American Phillips, Tait Electronics, and Tio Kenwood. In addition, he has spoken to the owners of privately held businesses and managers of Fortune 500 companies in 2 Canadian provinces and 35 states on such topics as…

  • Change is a Four Letter Word
  • Communications Skills for the New Millenium
  • Create Value--Don't Communicate It!
  • Hearing with the Heart: the Art of Empathetic Listening
  • Influencing Decision Makers for Fun and Profit (or at least profit)
  • Intervention Selling and the Ethical Close
  • Leadership by Listening
  • Lower Resistance to Increase Sales
  • Negotiating the Non-negotiable
  • Networking is NOT Working—and What to Do About It
  • Selling for Non-Sales People
  • Storyboarding: Not Just for Stories Anymore
  • Talk About Listening!?
  • Tour Guide Your Way to Profit
  • What's Your Rose? How to Differentiate Your Product or Service
  • Z Theory Revisited: Participative Management in Application