Map Your Future: Achieve Your Sales Goals

map your future

Poor sales results keeping you awake at night???

Are You...

  • Relying too heavily on existing customers because you are unable to develop enough business from new clients?
  • Unable to effectively “differentiate” yourself from your competitors?
  • Being continuously “price shopped” because you are a “commodity”?
  • Experiencing heavy prospect resistance?
  • Unable to reach decision makers (or unable to get them to actually make a decision)?
  • Spending too much of your time writing beautiful proposals that nobody reads or providing too much education for which you are not paid?
  • Experiencing excessively high client acquisition costs due to extended sales cycles?
  • Experiencing reduced profit margins because you are continuously being “price shopped”?
  • Having difficulty dealing with “call reluctance”?
  • Losing market share or experiencing stagnant or low-growth sales?
  • Concerned about customer retention issues?
  • Experiencing low morale and high turnover of your sales staff?

For over 38 years, the PosiDyne Process™ has been the sales methodology of choice for such companies as GE, Kenwood, Motorola and North American Phillips to dramatically increase sales. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur who wears a “part-time” sales hat or the sales manager of a 300 person sales team, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms noted above perhaps we can help you achieve better results.

Would it be worth a cup of coffee and a conversation to find out?

The PosiDyne Process™ is a revolutionary communications model borrowed from the counseling professions and adapted specifically for sales applications. We are so confident that you will immediately experience significantly improved results that we offer an industry-exclusive money back guarantee!

The laws of physics apply to sales people just like everything else in the physical universe. Where you are going is where you will end up. Is that your best destination?? Would you like to get to a BETTER destination, sooner?

There is no charge for the initial consultation. If we are unable to help you achieve your sales goals, we will be the first to acknowledge it. To arrange a no pressure introductory session, call Marty Wolff at 303-525-1642 or send an e-mail to [email protected]